TEYXO is an independent fashion brand by Lara Roxana Popa

TEYXO is an independent fashion brand that offers edgy and playful clothing for women. Mixing outstanding designs with quality fabrics, we create a wide range of colours and cuts. Our fun and playful designs achieve the perfect union of elegance, freedom, comfort and beauty.” Lara Roxana Popa – Storyteller & Co-Founder of TEYXO 

TEYXO was born from the need of having both comfortable and stylish clothes. I wanted to create clothes that are practical and easy to wear, but still have that showstopper effect! I wanted clothes at the edge of urban and elegance, street styles that meet theatre and drama. Items with a touch of retro and a great deal of empowerment. 

Having a background in acting and film, it was somehow natural to bring into fashion all the extravagant elements coming from theatre. Growing up in a post-communist country also influenced my style. I wanted to bring more colours, brightening up the world with vibrant colours and playful styles that will enliven the world and jazz up the grey styles chosen by so many people. 

Our story begins in a fun way, with a simple decision made one night. Back in 2013, I saw that online businesses were thriving, so I made a proposal to my mother to start out an online store bringing edgy and daring styles for the women who want to break free and wear affordable and out-of-the-box designs. Eager to always try new things, my mom was excited about the idea, so a mother-daughter business was born. 

The first two years were challenging, but then TEYXO started to grow. We reached many international customers and soon enough, we were selling in over 80 countries. Now, after 6 years, I couldn’t have been in a better place and what excites me even more is the platform that we have created.

I realised at some point that, this goes beyond fashion and wonderful styles. Fashion is a tool and we can use it to change the way women are perceived, to change stereotypes and to fight for empowerment. The community that we built in these years helped me understand quicker that we were not only selling beautiful clothes, but we were selling empowerment – that feeling of freedom, the dream to embrace your weirdness and be whoever you want to be! The power to show your true colours and not be afraid to steal the spotlight! The power to be in the spotlight! 

TEYXO now gives a voice to women worldwide to be exactly who they feel they are at their core. We hope to brighten up the world and inspire as many people as possible to embrace their true selves and express themselves through all the colours and styles that we offer!

Official Store: https://teyxo.com

TEYXO Lifestyle Magazine & Hub: https://teyxo.com/lifestyle/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/teyxo

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