GROVANA Swiss Watch Co.

A near century for Grovana Swiss Made Watch


Hans and Walter Gröflin establish “H. and W. Gröflin Uhrenfabrik AG”. The purpose of this company is the production of spares for watches.


Werner Bitterli takes over Hans Gröflin AG and the names the compamny as “Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG”. The production of watch spare parts is reduced successively. And, GROVANA, starts its own collections of Classic Swiss Made Watch for Men and Women.


The Swiss Watch industry slides into the largest crisis in its history. The demand for mechanical watches drop because the markets got in cheap digital watches. Werner Bitterli decides to introduce a new collection with analog- quartz movements to the market.

Although, Swiss Watch makers were known for their precision skills in handmade mechanical watches, but because of the market trends many Swiss Watch makers developed analog-quartz collection to be able to survive. And later on, the Swiss Watch makers were able to not only survive through the challenges but also, got back its market, now, all 3; with mechanical and automatic movements, and even with analog-digital collections.


Grovana enters the new markets of Eastern Europe and Russia.


Grovana concludes a license agreement for the production and worldwide distribution of the Revue Thommen watches and thus begins production of the exclusive movements.


Grovana expands to a third extension to improve its production process


Grovana produces the first prototypes for a module for the exclusive Revue Thommen manufacture movements. The mechanical manufacture movements are produced under the name GT (Grovana Tenniken).


New presence at Baselword: Grovana prides to be present at the world’s largest and finest shoes for watches and jewellery, in order to reach a much wider market with its collections.


Grovana celebrates its 90th anniversary.

Some fine collections of GROVANA Swiss Made Watch are available on Swiss Watch Boutique

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